We're on the Path to Better Health

The numbers of physical and mechanical stresses that are placed upon the human frame just from living day to day are immense. These stressors create a deviation of the optimal organization and orientation of our physiology and physical framework.

Throughout the history of health care, there have always been disciplines oriented to and focused on the correction of these mechanical distortions. There has been extensive value in the improvement of human function after the careful attention to these structural distortions. It seems to be very clear that there is an extremely important relationship between structure and function.

At the Upper Cervical Research Foundation, we believe good health and a sense of well-being are essential to not only creating personal quality of life, but this also extends to supporting an adaptive, responsible, and peaceful society. Therefore, we’re committed to changing lives by making a significant difference in human health.

Our focus is the link between the upper cervical spine and optimal well-being. Research shows that problems in the neck can cause progressively degenerative structural, neurological, physiological and pathological symptoms. Yet, when a small but measurable spinal misalignment known as the Atlas Subluxation Complex (ASC) is detected and corrected, a return toward good health and normal activity can be realized.

The influence of the ASC correction is uniquely profound which is why NUCCA doctors and UCRF scientists study the upper cervical spine and the role it plays in illness, health and wellness. Our experienced and diverse project teams are carefully selected to document and publish findings and testable studies associated with the Atlas Subluxation Complex and its impact on a vast range of health challenges.

We’re devoted to the evolution of healthcare and the well-being of the human experience. To promote change that truly makes a difference, we need many partners. Please browse our website and consider joining our membership to lend your hand to change. It’s a remarkable work in progress.