The Anatometer is the only postural measuring instrument approved by the UCRF/NUCCRA organization. It collects data for research and will be included in all future research projects.

Historically the Anatometer has had a profound effect on the direction of NUCCRA research and NUCCA protocol. Early research by Dan Seemann and Ralph Gregory (1971-76) resulted in a three dimensional anatomical view of posture showing the undeniable effects of a C-1 subluxation: most commonly a pelvic tilt, in the frontal plane, coupled with a transverse plane rotation and translation. The Anantometer quickly became the NUCCA doctors’ measuring stick. Research with the Anatometer led to terms that are the foundation of the NUCCA protocol: Atlas Subluxation Complex, Atlas Subluxation Complex Syndrome, Neurological Component, Verifiable Element, Contracted Leg, and Predominant Factor.

The NUCCA Organization is greatly indebted to the Benesh Family for their dedication to developing the Anatometer. Mr. Peter Benesh spent countless hours with Drs. Gregory and Seemann, and considerable financial resources to develop the prototype Anatometer and clinically usable model for the NUCCA practitioner. Today his grandson Mr. Eduard Benesh, with the support of his extended family, continues to produce and refine the Anatometer using the latest technology available.


Keith E. Denton, D.C.